Online casinos have given everyday people like you a day at Vegas without leaving home. Without the bright lights and racy nightlife Vegas offers, online casinos have to up their game to get you to play at their house. The way they entice you is by offering a tasty bonus, sometimes worth thousands. But it doesn’t stop there, to keep you playing, they’ll throw even more bonuses your way to say thanks. After all, they can’t pour you a glass of champagne or send an attractive host over to your table.

Which UK casino bonus fits you best?

Money talks, right? This is why you’re in it, to win. If you wanted to go for a crazy night out gambling with your friends, you would. But you’re not. You’re in your own space, doing things your way, without spending money on over-priced plonk, and seeing that person who always gets the attention. With online casinos, you are that person. Like birds in breeding season, they’ll put on impressive shows to get your attention. It’s seduction pure and simple. Don’t get dazzled, keep your eye on the money.

To help decide which is the best fit for you, here’s a glance at what online casino bonuses are on offer. They might be offered together as part of a package.

Sign-up bonus

Possibly the most important choice you make when choosing a casino site, and where they invest a lot in trying to woo you (and increase their member numbers). Sometimes called a welcome bonus, this is where you take your first gamble. Most include a sign-up bonus plus free spins or credits. Most offer a limited-value match bonus equal to what you deposit, others will match it by over 300% or offer an unlimited match value at a set percentage.

Multi-deposits can be split over several initial deposits within a time-frame. Great if you don’t get paid until the end of the month.

High roller bonus

Instead of giving people with deep pockets a private room decorated with lavish paintings and expensive decor, a high roller bonus attempts to make up for it. It usually does.

Free spins bonus

A no-brainer. Most online casinos give free spins to new members, but they give them to existing members too, especially if there’s a slot tournament on and they want to sell it as a big game. You usually get to keep any profits.

Free casino bonus

Like all bonuses, free play chips are intended to draw you in. The casino might want to showcase a new game and invite you to try it out. Restrictions can be time-limited and/or value limited.

Match bonus

Similar to the sign-up bonus, casinos match the amount you deposit. When you’re browsing bonus offers, make sure you’re clear about what you get and when, don’t assume. Sometimes this is called a percentage casino deposit, and can be split over several deposits.

No deposit bonus

A little like gold dust, without spending a penny, you get free chips to embark on your new gambling career. Like a cash bonus, you won’t be able to instantly withdraw it, but you won’t have had to deposit anything to start playing.

Cash bonus

This is probably the most coveted bonus: hard cash. Where many bonuses can’t be cashed out into your pocket, only into more chips or spins, a cash bonus means proper cash. There’ll be criteria attached, but you’ll read the terms and know the deal.

Sticky bonus

Unlike the cash bonus, a sticky bonus can’t be cashed and is often called a non-cash bonus. Look at it as an overdraft, it’s there to spend (play with) but you don’t get to keep it. You do get to keep whatever it helps you win though.

Loyalty bonus

Sometimes called a reload bonus, this is where existing members get perks too. As a show of appreciation, expect to receive plenty of these to extend your playtime at their house.

Last word on the best fit UK casino bonus for you

Remember, biggest and brightest isn’t always best. Be sure to check the terms and wagering requirements. Importantly, because online casinos are in one of the most competitive markets, it’s an exiting new dawn now the tables have turned in your favour. Hopefully, with a fair chance, this time your house will win.