When it comes to casino jackpots online, everybody is chasing the big one. The larger the pot, the sweeter the victory. With so many casino and jackpot slots online, it’s very hard to find out which are the best jackpots available online. This article will help shed some light on some of the biggest jackpots around, where to find them and more.

The biggest online jackpot win

To give you an idea of the sort of numbers we’re talking about, the biggest online jackpot win ever is actually recorded as an official Guinness World Record held by UK soldier Jonathon Heywood at £13,209,300! He was playing Microgaming’s Mega Moolah, where he put in 25p as a gamble and won massively!

What are some of the biggest jackpots available?

One of the biggest online jackpots available is Mega Moolah, known for the world record above. The jackpot is available for players to win from a slots type game where players can bet 25p for a chance to win. A base £1m jackpot is provided by Microgaming, the company that runs Mega Moolah, and a small percentage of every players’ bet is added to the jackpot, so that as more people play and gamble, the size of the jackpot increases. This keeps going until a player wins the jackpot, at which point it reverts back to £1m. In this way, the size of the jackpot is unpredictable as you never know at what point a player may win it all. It may grow massively or be won fairly quickly, so when you win is as important as winning itself.

These are known as “progressive jackpots”. It really pays to go for the most popular casino games when these are offered, as the more players that buy in the bigger the pot gets. However, equally so, the more players that play, the more competition there is for the jackpot prize. This sort of balance allows for a healthy level of competition, as players may find it advantageous to jump around a number of progressive jackpots whenever they feel the prize pool has grown sufficiently large and feel it is likely to pay out soon.

What alternatives exist?

In addition to Mega Moolah there is also Mega Fortune, another online slots game. Unlike regular slots game where there is one jackpot to win, Mega Fortune offers 3 jackpots of progressing payouts ranging from the smaller jackpot of up to €500 to the biggest jackpot offering prizes of up to €4,000,000. There are different slots symbols for each level of jackpot, so it adds another level of excitement when high value slot symbols pop up. It also means there are plenty of winning combination chances available. Most of these will of course not win the jackpot prize, but it’s possible to win more spins so you can play a few extra spins for free.

Are there any advantageous strategies?

International casino online games sometimes allow gamblers to pay in a variety of currencies. For UK casinos the standard is obviously pound sterling, but sometimes Euros and US dollars are also accepted. Very often the top prize at a jackpot will be converted into your currency of choice (so a jackpot prize of £700 would roughly be €900 or $1,000) but the buy in price will be harmonised, so it will cost £1/€1/$1 to play. This makes it therefore advantageous to play in US dollars if possible, because proportionally you win more for the cost to play.

Keeping realistic expectations

It’s tempting to chase the big jackpots and online casinos do absolutely everything that they can to encourage that, such as prominently displaying the top prizes and regularly announcing whenever a player wins a big prize. This is all done to encourage players to gamble more, all eagerly hoping to be the next big jackpot winner. However, it stands to reason that 99% of players will not end up winning the big jackpot. Therefore in the long run you may be better off playing games with several prize pools available rather than chasing a single big one, because you stand more chances to win long term. Either way, it’s important to keep your expectations in check and remember to gamble responsibly, because it can be very easy to keep gambling and online casinos do all they can to encourage the “just one more play” mentality to keep you gambling for as long as possible.