Do you really enjoy playing online casino slots, or perhaps, you are considering venturing into the world of online video slots as a means to try and make some money? Either way, if playing for fun or as a way to make ends meet understanding how these games work can help you boost your winnings and ensure you are playing the right games for you, to maximise your enjoyment. RTP and variance are common concepts that you will encounter whilst playing online casino slots and they can be confusing but if you are in the know, your slots playing experience can be drastically improved.

What does RTP mean?

RTP is a simple acronym standing for return to player. Put simply, it describes the expected payout over the long term of an online casino slot. RTP is usually provided as a percentage, with the percentage describing how much a player can expect to receive back from investment over the long term. For example, if a player wages £100 on a slot with an RTP of 94%, they can expect to receive back £94, whilst the house receives £6. This, of course, is theoretical and given that RTP is calculated over the long term, it is unlikely to work out exactly for an individual player, nevertheless it can show you the amount of payout you could achieve on an online video slot.

How can I use the RTP to my advantage while playing online casino slots?

The main thing to do is to avoid casinos that offer low RTP, anything less than 93% is just not offering a player good odds and makes it more likely that you will not see a return on the money you have invested in the game. The good news in regards to online video slots is that they are able to offer more competitive RTP’s than physical casinos as they have lower overheads and, as they are competing on a global level they need to entice customers with better odds. Most online casino sites, therefore, will be offering good RTP’s, just check on your chosen site before playing, they should advertise their RTP.

What about variance?

Variance refers to the risk that players encounter when they are playing online casino slots. It considers the amounts that players have to pay to participate and the types of games that they play. It does not refer to the actual odds of winning when using online video slots, which is determined by the RTP but it considers the risks that a player accepts when choosing a game. Variance is often broken down into three categories, with slots being considered low, medium or high variance.

Which online casino slot should I play based on variance?

The slots that would suit you better can be determined by your preferred level of variance. Low variance online video slots, for instance, would appeal to those who would like to play over a long period of time or those who would prefer not to risk large pots of money. Rewards for this type of slot are likely to be lower but they will keep your balance ticking over and provide hours of entertainment.

High variance online casino slots, on the other hand, are for those who like to take risks. The payouts on these slots are often high, but then the amounts that you will pay up front will also be high. Wins on a high variance slot usually occur through multipliers or through high paying bonus games, smaller payouts are rare. As such, players will often play many rounds without winning anything, creating nail-biting tension, these slots are not for the faint hearted.

In between these two different types of slots are those of medium variance. These are the most common types of online video slots and are a good middle ground between the two. With these types of slots, players have just as much chance at winning high or low payouts but you will have to be willing to put a bit more at stake than with the low variance games. These are for those who want a bit of risk but aren’t ready to throw caution to the wind.