Nothing beats the convenience of playing online slots from the comfort of your own home, but in terms of the experience and atmosphere, some things are lost: namely, the thrill of observing the wins and losses of others. Online slots tournaments give you a way to capture an approximation of this extra dimension of the casino experience at home.

What Is An Online Slot Tournament?

Online slot tournaments are a way of playing slots that pits you against other players in a clash to attain the best scores of the group. The leaderboards update constantly to let you track the progress of the competition, giving you a way to experience other people’s wins just as you would sitting on a stool on the casino floor. If you can stay near the top all the way up until the time the tournament ends, you may win an extra grand prize. Most UK online casinos offers these tournaments every once in a while, so you can probably try playing in this format no matter which site you prefer. Entry fees vary from hefty to non-existent, so you can also find an option that fits your price point.

Types of Online Slot Tournaments

There are two main kinds of online slots tournaments you may participate in:

Sit and Go: this type lets you compete against a small group of people who have joined your tournament round and are playing live – this type finishes faster and generally has smaller prizes available, but the low number of participants gives you a better chance to win

Scheduled: these tournaments are set up to run and close at specific times, include large numbers of entrants and run for longer periods than Sit and Go tournaments (up to an entire month at a time) – they frequently take a long time to conclude and entrants face heavy competition, but the prizes offered are typically much more substantial

Within those two types, there are a variety of sub-types, including:

One Shot: upon paying an entry fee, you are given a certain amount of tournament tokens to use to make your game count toward your tournament scores – once they’re gone, you’ve essentially submitted your final score

Add On: this one starts off like the One Shot variety, but allows you to purchase more chances to play and win once you’ve used up all of your initial allotment

Re-Buy: same as above, but rather than paying for more chances to win in the same entry, you can pay the entry fee again and be allowed to post a fresh score before the time the tournament is over

Some online casino tournaments will combine the Add On and Re-Buy sub-types to give you even more ways to achieve a respectable score. Think about the kind of results you want and the amount of risk you’re comfortable with when choosing what type to sign up for.

What Can You Win?

When you win or place highly in an online casino tournament, you win an extra prize (usually monetary, but sometimes with other bonuses like memberships or hotel stays). These prizes are awarded on top of the winnings you already received while playing the slots during the tournament period, so the top victors potentially stand to make a sizable profit. Many others who don’t achieve a stellar score can often win a little extra too, so it can be a great surprise at the end of a fun stretch of play.

Who Should Try It?

As mentioned above, people who prefer their online casino games to be a shared experience rather than an individual one may find that these tournaments satisfy that desire. Another demographic that enjoys these tournaments is gamblers who enjoy a challenge. Because the typical game of slots is so simple and straightforward, it can be hard for someone who plays them often to maintain interest in the game. Slots tournaments shake things up a little and help keep the game fresh with the competitive dimension they introduce. Not only are you playing the slots themselves, but you’re trying to optimize your score and make sure no one surpasses you – it’s a game within a game. Finally, those who are looking for a little more payoff when they play online casino games will enjoy the extra boost in potential winnings. Most people who enjoy slots and other casino games will at least find the experience novel and interesting, so if the idea intrigues you at all, it may be worthwhile to give it a shot for yourself.